Finland International Improv Festival 2018

Finland International Improv Festival (FiiF), is an annual festival that brings improvisers from around the world to Tampere, Finland for a full week of shows, workshops & wonderful international improv community! 

For FiiF2018, I worked as an Executive Producer alongside the founder of the festival Trent Pancy and a small project staff, to create a bigger and better theater experience for the over 100 international guests who stayed with us for a week of improv in the nightless nights of the Finnish summer.

Staff Management & Logistics

I was in charge of keeping our staff and volunteers happy, organized and on top of their daily tasks. Made sure everything and everyone was where they belonged at all times. If you weren't sure about something, you could rely on me for guidance!

Brand Design & Marketing

Managed and co-created the graphic design for the website, social media and print marketing. Copywriting and management of the online store, public announcements and digital marketing. Show photographing every night.

Finances & General Admin

Festival budgeting and finance management, took care of international sales, filed the paperwork for police announcements, contracts with partnering businesses and public organizations.  

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