YesKlubi was a one year long weekly international improv club project held at Teerenpeli, Tampere that provided a stage for local improvisers from Tampere (and beyond) to perform, grow, and connect with one another! YesKlubi had shows every Sunday, alternating between English and Finnish and these shows were headlined by mainstage productions of YesFinland, including Noir & Fantasy inspired series of shows as well as shows by international improv stars such as Laura & Gael from Perryweerd, Kasia Chamara from wymyWammy, Kiva Murphy from Barcelona Improv Group, Aree Witoelar from Impro Neuf International and Ruutu10 from Estonia! The YesKlubi Project acted as a catalyst for YesFinland to further develop their plans on opening the YesFinland Improv Theatre in Tampere and as of spring 2020 it is currently under construction. 

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